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  • We help technology companies reach the next level

    We've helped startups in the US, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and UK to raise over $15m in funding and build awesome product focussed companies

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Our Products

We make development tools for creative technologists.

  • Forge
    ForgeLightning Fast Web Hosting for Static Sites and Javascript Apps
  • Hammer
    HammerStatic Site Generator and build tool for MacOS
  • Chisel
    ChiselHeadless API-First Cont Management
  • Anvil
    AnvilZero-config Dev Server for MacOS
  • Open Source
    Open SourceCheck out our Projects

Recent Client Projects

We work deeply with few clients as part of the core team.

Beach often provides financing options for interesting early stage concepts and will take on operational management, equity stakes and board positions as and when it makes sense and adds value.

Our clients are part of the Beach family

  • Mixfit
  • Nuwe
  • Mineful
  • Nourish Care
    • Case study


      This fast-growing Swedish startup challenged us to completely rearchitect their stack, develop a suite of new services and two fully fledged client applications in just a few months...

      • Hybrid Team

        The Beach Project team worked closely with IAMIP Poland's development team throughout.

      • Thin Client Apps

        We built two complex Intellectual Property workflow tools in just a few months.

      • Microservices

        A combination of microservices and API resources were needed to enable the solutions.

      • Successful Handover

        We successfully handed the technology over to IAMIP Core team for ongoing development.

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    • Case study


      Made up of a diverse mix of European and US-based software and hardware experts, Mixfit is fundamentally changing the way we interact with nutrition.

      • Complex Architecture

        Mixfit's architecture is multi-faceted, from centralised cloud software to on-device embedded software and firmware.

      • Multi-Platform Conversational Experience

        MINA is a chatbot that is central to the personalised experience

      • Microservices

        A combination of microservices and API resources were needed to enable the solutions.

      • Fundraising

        We're proud to have supported Mixfit through bootstrapping, seed and Series A financing rounds.

    • Mixfit ONE Mina App
    • Case study


      We spent more than 5 years working with Nuwe on their Digital Health innovations, from a Fast Food Retail business, to APIs for Nutrition, Health & Wellness

      • Founding Partners

        We worked closely with Nuwe as founding team members, something we take pride in with our clients.

      • Digital Health Apps

        We launched 2 apps and made many more innovations in Digital Health with Nuwe.

      • Serving Nuwe's Clients

        Beach represented Nuwe in providing product development and consultancy services to Nuwe's Digital Health clients.

      • Accelerator

        Nuwe was selected for acceleration at the Startup Bootcamp, IoT & Devices in Barcelona.

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    • Case study


      We sought out new innovations in the way app developers can monetise their hardwork, and in doing so created Mineful.

      • Cryptocurrencies

        Mineful helped us unlock a whole new world of opportunities in cryptocurrency and blockchain related technologies.

      • Significant Press

        A few months in and already covered by the BBC, Ars Technica, Engadget, Techradar, AppleInsider and others.

      • Decentralized and Centralized

        The Mixfit architecture combines centralized modern web application architecture with decentralised blockchain systems.

      • Accelerated

        Mineful was selected for Acceleprise in NYC, receiving pre-seed funding.

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    • Case study

      Nourish Care

      Providers of next-generation digitised social care in the UK and Europe

      • Rapid Prototyping

        We designed and developed many of Nourish's early stage innovations in mobile and web interfaces.

      • Distributed Development Teams

        The Beach team worked closely with the Nourish Care development team based in Coimbra, Portugal

      • Microservices

        A combination of microservices and API resources were needed to enable the solutions.

    • Nourish App Nourish Mobile

Virtual Reality

Immersive Experiences offer all kinds of opportunities for the future of education, productivity, creativity and entertainment.

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See what happened when we introduced Immersive Virtual Experiences to the Witchampton First School students & teachers

Blockchain & Tokens

Blockchain & DLT, Cryptocurrencies and Decentralised Technology is out there and evolving at an extraordinary pace.

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Conversational Interfaces

Chatbots and Voice controlled technologies with natural language enabled machine automation is the key to a personalised relationship with technology.

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