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We start by partnering with the best Clients

Our clients are early stage startups and new initiatives inside large enterprises

  • The Industry Expert Founders

    1. Business oriented founders with deep industry expertise
    2. Doesn't have an internal CTO yet
    3. Have hustled to build an early prototype
    4. Validated that there's market appetite
  • The Innovating Enterprise

    • Enterprise innovation mandates change
    • Enterprise rearchitecture for innovation
    • Workstreams require new skills and experience
    • In-house teams need to scale without recruitment latency
  • The Scaling Startup

    • Recently raised Seed Stage or Series A
    • Needs to scale up fast
    • Rapidly increase development cadence
    • Expand roadmap and activate new workstreams

Does this sound like you?

Beach is actively seeking our next Client Partner to work with. If you can relate to this, we'd love to hear from you.

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Mixfit is an at-home nutritient delivery appliance that combines your health data and prediction engines to deliver personalised drinks that smell and taste wonderful.

A highly technical solution that combines the latest digital health data integrations, a significant application architecture, industrial design, hardware, firmware and embedded software to create an innovative personal health system.

Mixfit + Beach

Learn how Beach helped provide cash-flow financing, access to our open-source technologies and Software Products and deep digital health industry know-how that led to an initial Seed investment followed by a strategic corporate acquisition within 12 months.

Beach Brightlab built an end-to-end production-quality system for Showcase Demonstration of a conversational UI intelligent assistant mobile app, connected drink dispensing device with digital display and full API-first platform layer - in just 4 months!

Mixfit Case Study


IAMIP provides patent monitoring and collabotion tools for the World combined intellectual property database.

Full text patent search with extensive query language and granular patent data, presented in a modern and reactive web interface that is used by the most innovative companies.

IAMIP + Beach

Learn how Beach helped IAMIP to structure their in-house Poland-based development team, architect applications and micro-services and modernise devOps workflows.

Beach Brightlab designed and built two custom client applications and the Service Oriented main API layer as part of this architectural transformation.

Beach helped IAMIP to expand to new markets and raise additional Seed investment to fuel this growth.

IAMIP Case Study


Mineful is a new payment technology, which enables people to exchange spare computing resources with access to premium features, in-game credits and subscriptions to their favourite apps and games.

What started as a side-project at Beach, escalated quickly to a spin-off, standalone company based out of New York City with 10 employees.

Mineful + Beach

Come and explore how a product is incubated, validated in the market and eventually spun out to a standalone company under Beach's guidance.

See how we took a new technology and even made the giants at Apple and Google standup and take notice.

Learn how Beach Brightlab built the technology that powered the Mineful Platform and suite of cryptocurrency mining applications.

Mineful attracted investment and advisory from some of the top people in Crypto and the NYC early stage investment scene.

Mineful Case Study


CEO & Founder, Sergio Mottola had a big vision: to enable rapid development of new personalised digital health experiences.

The Nuwe platform was designed to enable rapid development of mobile health and wearables to improve people's lives using technology.

Nuwe + Beach

Discover how Beach architected the Nuwe Platform which enabled integrations with hundreds of health data sources and wearables, normalising data structures to make developer's lives easier.

Learn how Beach supported Nuwe through investment, an intensive acceleration and validation with the developer community.

Find out more about the various Digital Health Applications Beach Brightlab built, powered by the Nuwe Platform.

Nuwe Case Study


Very few companies can say they've had as much social impact as Nourish, which provides software that helps improve the lives of people in care.

The team at Nourish have done a stunning job at impacting care delivery and quality throughout the UK and in Europe with their digitisation support programme, software platform and mobile tools for care homes.

Nourish + Beach

Discover how Beach helped Nourish in the early days of development, to co-ordinate and structure the platform APIs to power experimental new care delivery interfaces.

Learn how Beach supported Nourish through the seed stage fundraising process and early customer development.

Understand how Beach Brightlab designed and developed the foundation of Nourish's interfaces, which are still found in the product today.

Nourish Case Study


When you're David Beckham (if only), then you would expect that arranging your expensive, complex, multi-leg flights to be simple and most importantly, secure.

In the Private Aviation industry today however, this is not the case. High Net Worth individuals, sports stars, movie stars, corporate executives - they are all prime targets of hacking and in Private Aviation systems, such events are all too common.

Volavia is set to change that through the power of Blockchain technology and an innovative 2-token cryptocurrency system - the VOL and AERU.

Volavia + Beach

Learn how Beach is providing technical advisory at CTO level and has become part of the founding team.

Read more about how Beach has provided a technical foundation for Volavia's industry-owned and operated network, via the authoring of the 'Flight Paper'.

Much more to follow as this exciting project develops.

Volavia Case Study

Start with a top CTO

We work with Founders to design and build the appropriate architecture for the business today whilst planning for future growth.

  • Decisions

    We're not consultants, we take care to make decisions and activate them.

  • Abstractions

    We understand the technology deeply, we understand concepts and can communicate with non-technical stakeholders.

  • Micro-Services v Monolith

    We know when to choose one archtectural pattern over another, rather than picking something because of the hype.

  • Flexible Resources

    Internal teams, distributed teams, near-shore outsourced support, remote global hubs - we architect for flexible resourcing for maximum effectiveness.

  • Proven Workflows

    Design thinking, test-driven development, SAFE Agile development, lean UX, lean startup, scrum, kanban - we've done it all and figured out what works best for our teams.

  • Agile & Iterative

    We work with experiment-driven processes in short cycle iterations - gaining the power of sustained incremental gains.

Beach is part of a strong network of experienced CTOs, each with highly specialised skillsets and experience that we can tap into on your behalf.

Example Content Architecture

The JAMStack Approach

An increasingly popular modern architecture for blogs, e-commerce and heavily content-driven properties.


Chisel, Contentful, Drupal, WordPress, etc.


Hammer, Jekyll, Middleman, Nuxt, Hugo, etc.


APIs, Databases, YAML, JSON, CSV, etc.

powered by


HTML · CSS · React / Vue / Angular

Global CDN Host

Forge, Amazon S3, Netlify, GitHub Pages,, Aerobatic, etc.

  • Planning with Uncertainty

    We understand that your business is operating in a world of uncertainty. It's likely that your roadmap, intentions and development budgets aren't always aligned.

    You are working with a spectrum of best-case to worst-case options, and then running with one.

    We provide the tools and process for making sense of it all.

    • timeline

      Rapid Scenario Iteration

      Early stage tech startups are founded on scenarios. The faster you can sketch them out, the better prepared you are.

    • swap_horiz

      Activation Transition

      Scenarios are great planning tools. Then a Scenario becomes reality and activation efficiency is important.

    • trending_up

      Financial Planning

      We work with your CEO/COO/CFO to ingest Scenarios into your financial plan.

    • assignment_turned_in

      Investment Readiness

      Scenarios demonstrate a depth of thinking and rationalisation of opportunity and assumptions. We know that investors appreciate this.

  • Swage

    We developed Swage for rapid Scenario iteration.

    Exclusive complimentary access for our Partner Clients.

    Learn About Swage

Implementation by Beach Brightlab

We provide development support across the stack. We can develop the entire solution, but it's more common that we work with your internal teams to extend capacity, fill skill gaps and target specific workstreams and scopes.

Beach is a distributed team of engineers, organised into Hubs.

Our two primary hubs are in Bournemouth, UK and Moscow, Russia.

45 engineers from junior to experienced levels, working in small project teams.

  • Ruby on Rails Node.js Elixir

    Back-End Development

    We build fit-for-scale secure backend applications with automated test-driven deployment workflows.

  • React.js Vue.js

    Front-End Development

    We build rich and dynamic Single Page Applications with beautiful interfaces and elegant interactions.

  • Swift Kotlin iOS Android React Native

    Mobile Development

    We are experts in cross-platform native mobile development

  • Python Hadoop Spark

    Machine Learning & A.I.

    We are hands-on, not just theory, with the application of real-world machine learning algorithms.

Added Value Technology

We've developed a range of workflow tools to make building startup architecture fast, inexpensive and secure.

  • Forge


    Lightning Fast Web Hosting for Static Sites and Javascript Apps
  • Hammer


    Static Site Generator and build tool for MacOS
  • Chisel


    Headless API-First content Management
  • Anvil


    Zero-config Dev Server for MacOS
  • Open Source

    Open Source

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