We Specialise in Health & Wellness

Our experience building and innovating new experiences in Health & Wellbeing taught us that being part of a collaborative community is the key to building a new future of Healthcare.

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Our Experts

Our team is at the top of their game. Most of our senior consultants are CEO's or key players at major tech firms. We specialise in both the design and technical strategy through to implementation.

Steve Schofield Technology Consultant

Steve is the Founder of Beach, an experienced Technical Director, Product Manager, Lean Startup advocate and not the worst iOS and rails developer in the world.

Elliott Kember Technology Consultant

Elliott is the original developer of Hammer, Forge and Anvil. He's now at Dropbox, but continues to actively advise and educate us an all things web tech and interfacey.

Hector Simpson Design Consultant

Hector is the original designer of Hammer, Forge and Anvil. He's now at Heroku, but continues to actively advise and inspire us with his amazing UI designs.

Sergio Mottola Strategy Consultant

Sergio is CEO of Nuwe and a talented strategist with a passion for health & technology

Rosa Van Wyk UX & Design Consultant

Rosa heads up all of our UX driven projects, so that's basically everything we do she's involved in.

Sergio Santos Technology Consultant

Sergio is a talented Ruby & Android developer, previously founder of a startup called Bundlr and former head of technology at Nourish Care.

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We make Products for Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Developers Take a look

Forge - For Hosting Websites

Websites are still the greatest tool we have for promoting businesses, launching new products or prototyping ideas.

The important thing is that the hosting is invisible, super simple to use and always there for you.

Make lightning fast websites with Forge.

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Forge Screenshot

Hammer - For Building Websites

We found that writing code early and learning from our users helps us to build better products.

We've made it easy, with Hammer. Build prototypes, mockups, static sites with html, css and javascript.

Hammer comes with some amazing features to speed up your design and development process.

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Anvil - For Running Your Websites

Anvil gives you a .dev domain to use for local development.

It's an elegant solution to a fiddly problem. If you're using services like TypeKit, you'll know that localhost wont work.

Anvil works with any static HTML content or anything using Rack such as Ruby on Rails.

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Nuwe - Platform as a Service for Health Apps

Building health apps is hard, complex and expensive.

The Nuwe platform transforms how you build your ideas.

Integrations with wearables, data sources, machine intelligence and secure compliant data storage are the pillars of Nuwe.

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Implementation Areas

UX and Service Design

Our Lean UX driven product and service design process is world class.

  • Lean Persona Development
  • Qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Experiment driven workflow
  • Agile and collaborative project teams

Mobile Platforms

We specialise in native mobile application development for iOS and Android platforms

  • Healthkit & Google Fit
  • Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Push Notifications
  • Rapid Prototyping


Ruby on Rails, Node / Express and pixel perfect front-end web interfaces.

  • Test Driven Development workflow
  • Continuous Integration and Automated Deployments
  • Custom gem / npm development
  • Scaleable and secure architectures

Machine Intelligence

Agile and integrated data science services for real world use cases.

  • Machine Learning and Probibalistic Modelling
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Recommender Systems
  • Data Engineering
  • "Steve is a born team leader."

    “In his vocabulary the word problem has been substitute with the word solution. Everything he does seem effortless. As this wasn’t annoying enough Steve is also one of the finest experts in web trends I know.”

    Alfredo Violante, Brand Strategist & Designer and Head of Brand at Mitoo

  • "Steve has been a great resource to work with."

    He presents complex data in simple language and understands our core objectives, against which he has delivered very well.

    Emma Loisel, Angel Investor & COO Exchange Lab

  • "A huge asset for any agency and clients alike. I would not hesitate in recommending Beach."

    I worked with Steve for the best part of 3 years and throughout this period he continuously demonstrated his talent in successfully leading complex and large scale global retail projects. A really intelligent guy who has the ability to breakdown the most complex of projects or challenges and clearly define and communicate the right solutions

    Alasdair McIntyre, Managing Director Double Europe.

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Our Vision

At Beach, we have a vision. Creative people around the world hold the key to creating new life experiences for real people. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are disrupting the old ways of doing things. We are enabling them to do that faster and more cost effectively.

Technological advances in cloud services, internet-of-things, sensors, cheap peer-to-peer video, machine learning and artificial intelligence, mobile platforms penetration are creating an unprecedented landscape for change.

We believe there's a massive new shift in the way health, fitness and wellness services are designed, delivered and experienced end-to-end. It's going to change everything, but we need to change it together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking on new projects?

We are very selective about the projects we take on, that's a lesson we've learned the hard way over the years. But we are always interested to hear from people with big ideas that can have a big impact on the way people live their lives, so for you, we're all ears...

How do you work?

We work together, very collaboratively and most importantly, we work closely with your customers. Over the years, we've developed a process for building products that draws on philosophies and practices of agile development, lean startup and lean UX. We belive that experimentation and rapid iteration of ideas is critical to success and avoiding waste of time and money.

When can we start?

That's largely up to you. If you've got a project that you want to get started and you believe we'd be a good fit, then get in touch - we're happy to hear from you.


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