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    We've helped startups in the US, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and UK to raise over $15m in funding and build awesome product focussed companies

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  • Ayuka Badma-GaryaevDeveloper
  • Alexey BorodinDeveloper
  • Ruslan DjafarovDeveloper
  • Alexander DmitrievDeveloper
  • Artyom IrzaDeveloper
  • Artyom KarpenkoDeveloper
  • Ivan KonovalovDeveloper
  • Kirill KuznetsovDeveloper
  • Evgeniya LevchenkoDeveloper
  • Denis MarkinDeveloper
  • Artyom MoskaletsHead of Beach Brightlab
  • Ivan PoznyakDeveloper
  • Yuriy RozanovDeveloper
  • Denis RozenkinCTO Beach Brightlab
  • Vladislav RozenkinDeveloper
  • Nikita SbrodovDeveloper
  • Artyom ShalyaDeveloper
  • Alexey TopchievDeveloper
  • Alina TupikovaDeveloper
  • Roman VavilovDeveloper
  • Irina VolkovaDeveloper

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